10 facts about Brit-Stitch!

Hey new followers!
Seen as we have gained a lot of new followers the last few weeks, we thought we’d give you an insight into us here at Brit-Stitch –
what we are about and how we began in a quick 10 facts about Brit-Stitch!


Most Brit-Stitch bags are available in over 20 shades!


You can personalise every Brit-Stitch accessory with our Engraving Service.


Every single Brit-Stitch accessory is lovingly made in our factory in South Wales.


We have made leather bags over the decades for many different people – milkmen, school children to bus drivers!


Our love affair with leather goes back a long way. It all began in 1967 by our Father Peter Jones!


We are a family run business – now run by Peter’s children, Luned, Owen & Morgan (that’s us)!


Our Father, Peter started his career as a saddle maker.


We are welsh! We have been based in Abergavenny for over 50 years!


Jon is our head cutter. He started his career in the leather industry at the age of 16 creating leather army boots. He then turned to leather cutting and has been doing this for almost 20 years! Major pro!


Meet Michaela! She is our free hand sewer – major skills! Our clever team make sure every single bag is perfect. With 50 years in the industry we ensure quality is at the heart of every one of our products!