Brit Stitch - Traditionally Tomorrow

When we say our bags
have vintage heritage,
we really mean it.

It was back in 1967 when master craftsman Peter Jones made a leather cash bag for his local milkman, Toby. In 2012, Toby brought his bag back for a replacement strap. With 45 years of history in our hands, we decided it was time to give the vintage bag a thoroughly modern makeover, using the traditional skills we’re so proud of.

Our love affair with leather goes back a long way, but we’re bringing it to a new generation of style lovers and vintage coveters. We use skills passed down to us to make bags that match heritage with high fashion – there’s even a pocket for your iPhone.

Brit-Stitch bags are lovingly made in Britain, using the finest leathers in a rainbow of colours from this season’s mint green to classic tan brown. Our clever team make sure every single bag is perfect – seamless stitching, beautiful buckles and a clasp that you’ll keep clicking (really, it’s quite addictive). And yes, they smell divine.

Our story started with a milkman, and it’s that history we remember every day. Our bags come in a range of sizes – one to suit you, whether you’re lugging around a laptop or just a lipstick. Staying true to tradition is what makes Brit-Stitch different, and it helps us create bags our customers adore.